Red 10

Red 10 - Privacy Policy

This document explains what kind of data is collected by the game Red 10, what happens to it, and what it is used for.


The game does not collect any personally identifiable information from anybody and never shares any personal information to any party.


The game is built using Unity, a game engine which requires access to some technical information about the player’s device in order to work properly. The collected anonymous techincal data is sent to Unity and aggregated in publicly-available statistics.

Please read Unity Privacy Policy for details about data collected by Unity.


The game relies on technology called Unity Analytics to monitor and collect anonymous data about player activities within the game. As an example, the collected data includes, but is not limited to, the following game-related indicators: best tile and score the player has got at the end of the game, achievements the player has completed. All collected data is strictly anonymous and is used solely for providing support for the internal operations and to improve the game.

Please read Unity Analytics Privacy Policy for details about data collected by Unity Analytics.

SOCIAL GAMING DATA (mobile versions)

As soon as you have installed the game to your device, you generally can use it without access to the Internet. Internet access is necessary if you use the social gaming network which is integrated into the app (Apple Game Center for iOS or Google Play Game Services for Android). If you use the aforementioned social gaming networks the game will – after your corresponding separate logon – transfer the information which is necessary to use this service to the respective social gaming network. This information includes game results (e.g. high scores and achievements), which will be connected to your social gaming network account and saved permanently. The details of the further processing of your personal data are the responsibility of the social gaming network provider and are subject to their respective terms of use.

Please read Game Center Terms and Conditions for details about data collected by Apple Game Center.

Please read Google Privacy Policy for details about data collected by Google Play Game Services.

COOKIE DATA (web version)

“Cookies” are small text files that a website creates in the directories used by the web browser of its visitors. Cookies collect some information about how visitors visit a given website (how many and which pages are visited, how much time he/she has navigated the site, from which channel he/she has arrived on the website etc.). This information is generic and cannot be associated to any identified or identifiable person.

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  • Technical cookies. Do not require user consent. Basically all cookies needed to show the website correctly: session cookies, analytics cookies, functionality cookies.
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This site is cookie-free. It doesn't use any cookie.